Programs at P.S. 31

Why do we raise funds for PS 31? What are your donations funding?

We fund all of the following, in their entirety:

  • Chess with Alexis Paredes-Toledo: in-class instruction, after school program and local/national tournaments.
  • WMAAC: Jazz (2nd grade), Modern (3rd Grade) and Ballroom Dancing (4th and 5th grades).
  • International Ballet Institute: Musical Theater (Kindergarten) and Ballet (1st Grade).
  • Rockness Music Residencies: Chorus for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade; Keyboard instruction for 2nd and 3rd grades; Ukulele instruction for 4th and 5th grades.
  • Our incredible art teacher, Frank Caprino, and all of the art supplies for the year.
  • Winter Musical: “Frozen Kids.”
  • Garden of Happiness: continued renovation of the schoolyard.
  • Our outdoor Building Leaders of Change Mural, painted by Natalia Zamparini, and any updates that we do.
  • Capital Improvement Projects: Gymnasium Soundproofing Renovation; Auditorium Sound Improvement Plan.
  • 5th Grade class trip and graduation trophies.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon and gifts; holiday gifts for staff and students.
  • Kodable Coding Program and 2 robots for our STEAM wing.
  • Mats for the downstairs gym to allow students to be safer and do a wider range of activities; Recess supplies. BeTime boxes for mix and mingle for EACH CLASSROOM.
  • We also helped to promote and get out the vote for the Participatory Budgeting Project this year, Smartboards for the entire school, and won!
  • Finally, we helped to facilitate donations to bring a water filling station to the cafeteria, the project that Ms. Sheri Sankner put forward.