PTA Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2021

PTA Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2021 / 9am ET (Virtual Meeting) 

There were 40 participants.

Kenny Volandes welcomed all attendees. 

A Word from P.S. 31 Administration:

Principal Scarlato updated the PTA on the following:

  • Covid Testing, Vision Screening and Covid Vaccination all happening at our school today.
    • Every school has been selected to be a vaccination site.  We are scheduled to have vaccines available from 12:30 to 4pm today.  Additionally, we also received a mobile unit that has been on site since early this morning.  If you’d like to vaccinate your child at the van, please feel free to do so. Let us know what your plan is (whether the child will be returning to school or not).
  • Seedlings of Change and began meeting with Mrs. Tesoriero and Mrs. Papadopoulos;
  • Debate team: Debate will be held on December 4th at Junior High School 50.  It includes District 13, 14 and 15.  
  • Student council has also started.
  • We had a very high number of parents participating in the Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Please send in a copy of your child’s vaccination card if the child has been vaccinated off site.
  • Covid protocols will change after vaccination based on DOE guidelines.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!! We have a lot to give thanks to here at PS 31! 

Assistant Principal Gallo reminded the PTA of the COVID protocol in place at the school:

The weekly COVID testing happens on Fridays.  The Situation Room is closed on Saturdays.  Therefore, whenever there is a positive case in the school, the school is notified typically on Sunday mornings.  DOE and DOH are the ones determining who the close contacts are, and they are the ones calling the parents to notify.   The school updates the school app indicating that there is a positive in the school.  Teachers will share the letter with each class and will indicate whether the positive is in their class or not.  The school and/or teachers are not calling the close contacts. If your child is a close contact, you’ll receive a letter saying so.  If you don’t receive that letter, you can come to school as usual.  Close contacts of a positive need to quarantine for 10 days, but can test out on day 5 or later, to come back on day 8 or later.  If your child is the positive, the child cannot test out and must be quarantined for 10 days.   

We have had many positive cases this year without school spread. We are doing the right things.  We are following the practices until we are told to change.

Once children are fully vaccinated (two shots + 2 weeks) they will no longer need to quarantine. They will need to test if they have symptoms.  Fully vaccinated will no longer be considered a close contact. 

We will probably share the percentage of vaccinated kids once we have that information.

We don’t know whether the vaccination will be mandated. It’s still an emergency vaccine.

A Word from the PTA Board:

The Budget was presented to the community in the October PTA meeting, and a hard copy was sent home with each student.  During this meeting, the PTA board asked for comments or questions on the budget.  The budget was then approved by Stephanie Gonzales.

Upcoming events:

  • Vaccination Van: they’ll be here until 4pm today.
  • Indoor vaccination: through Door D from 12:30 to 4pm.
    • Parents need to accompany the kids
  • Believe Kids: we are processing the orders and you’ll receive your items before December.
  • Pajama Day: on November 19.  Please remember, no slippers.  If you can donate to the PTA, please send your donations in an envelope.
  • Winter Shop, Candy cane and Toy Drive:  – Nov 29 through December 16
  • Book Swap: donate gently used books (no board books). Will have them out at the Winter Shop for kids to pick up for free.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  this year we will have a scavenger hunt as an end of year activity

Final Remarks:

Dismissal will change today because of vaccination.  Please remember to indicate PS 31 Parent Teacher Association Inc. as your referral when you get your child vaccinated.  

For those who ordered pies, delivery will be on Monday (likely 12:00 to 3pm).