PTA Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2022

February 11, 2022 / 9am ET (Virtual Meeting) 

There were 52 participants.

Kenny welcomed all.

A Word from Administration:

Superintendent Visit: Principal Scarlato shared that we had a visit from our Superintendent last week and that she loves spending time with children and touring the building.  She went into a classroom and observed the lesson.  The Superintendent shared that she really liked with PS 31 is doing with the curriculum, which is all very positive.

Green team – the Green team is back in motion. The Leaders of Change are presently auditing each of the classroom to check whether the classrooms are saving energy, recycling, and taking care of the plants. 

Sharing pictures – Principal Scarlato shared that there is a lot happening in the school building and that the Administration will do a concerted effort to share more pictures with the community. 

State Tests – Principal Scarlato will schedule a meeting with parents from grades 3-5 in the coming weeks to talk about the state ELA test.

Lentol’s donation for the cafeteria (to put air conditioning)– Principal Scarlato is still chasing the money.  She also had a meeting about the donation for soundproofing the gym.  Mr. Carmine, the school’s plant manager, was promoted to managed all of North Brooklyn, We don’t know who our new plant manager will be. 

Respect for all week – Kara will cover shortly

PreK applications are open – deadline March 18

School tour on Feb. 16 at 9:15

Winter recess – Feb 21

Assistant Principal Gallo then shared Covid news:

Covid news – numbers are significantly reduced.  Letters will still be going out.  Isolation for positive cases is now 5 days. They can return to school on day 6 as long as they are 24h with no fever without fever reducing medication.  Prek is still 10 days.  No student needs to come back with a negative result.  Quarantine is 5 days for exposed kids. But from day 6 to day 10, kids need to wear a well-fitting surgical mask.  Prek now will go home with test kits, can test on day 5 and return to school on day 6.  Right before break, everyone will go home with 2 test kits.  Kids should test before going back to school after break.  Staff as well. 

No music class this year because of social distance. Keyboards are next to each other. 

State tests: ELA march 29, 30 and Math April 26 and 27;  Grades 3 through 5.

Science test May 24 to June 3 and written test June 6 – for 4th grade.. Classes afterschool to 4 graders 

For all kids grades 3-5 can take after school classes – we still have room

Smartboards finally came from China. 

Guest Speakers
Ryleigh Schinnick – from Mr. Molanos’ class 5-411.  She likes art, drawing and playing with her little siblings. She will miss her friends and teachers at PS 31. She likes all books about horses. She is going to the Young Woman Leadership School of Brooklyn.   She really loves the school, and she is excited to go to her new school, but she will miss her friends and teachers. For her 10th birthday, she went to the Rocking Horse ranch and began her love of horses. Her advice is to make friends and do all your schoolwork. 

Ms. Romero – she is the school social worker – in house, full time. And she was a para in the school for the past 5 years. She likes spending time with her kids.  She just finished her degree and long hours of studying. Her kids are 18, 20, 24 and 27 years old. Her advice about parenting is to have a lot of patience, especially during teenage years.  Parents can come to her about extra-curricular activities (some kids are finding hard socializing because of covid).  Her advice is to listen to kids – interests, worries, concerns, and stresses.   If a parent wants to reach out, parents can contact the teacher and the teacher will loop Ms. Romero in. 

If anybody is interested in a parent workshop with Ms. Romero, reach out to Kara and we can set it up.

Miss Kara’s Korner

Communications is Key – let us know if you don’t want your child to participate in any activity

World Read aloud  Day – the Superintendent read a book with the kids

School Choice week – why we love PS31

Virtual Tour – Wednesday at 9:15. 

Black History Month –

Let’s talk literary – D14 event has been postponed.

Summer Camps Fest between Parent Coordinators in March

Celebrating Respect for All week – We are a rainbow of possibilities on Thursday and each grade will have to wear a color.  

No one plays alone, start with Hello

Parent Coordinator newsletter

PTA News:

Interim Financial Report – Peter Han, PTA Treasurer, went over the PTA’s Interim Financial report. 

Amendments to By-Laws – PTA Board member Kenny Volandes went over the Bylaw amendments pursuant to updates to Regulation A660

Hot topic – weather the mayor and chancellor will allow remote option. We don’t know yet, it seems they are talking to the UFT. We don’t have additional info.

Spring Festival – we need volunteers. Tentative dates: May 21

Chess club – started on February 7

Photo Retake Day – February 8

Valentine’s Day Shop – February 8 through Feb 11

Winter Break – February 21 through February 25.