PTA Meeting Minutes

11/18 PTA Meeting

Meeting was virtual on Zoom. There were ~28 participants.  Kenny welcomed all with a Thanksgiving Tradition icebreaker

A Word from Administration:

Principal Scarlato was not able to join the meeting until later.  Assistant Principal Gallo shared the following: 

  • Class trips with buses are back! Prek will take a walking trip.
  • Middle School Admissions due Dec 1
  • Student council will decorate precinct and stationary store
  • Students have been enjoying the hydroponics lab, art room, and coding
  • Music with Ms. O starts today for Kindergarten!
  • Cookshop will resume after the new year
  • There is an increase in illnesses, filters are running and windows are open. Please keep sick kids home, must be 24 hours fever-free with no medication

Guest Speakers:  Ms. Cioc, our STEAM and technology teacher, spoke about her recent projects, including rain sticks and Thanksgiving floats. Misha, a 5th grader, spoke about how she appreciates the caring and supportive teachers. She suggests preparing for Middle School early. She loves theater and public speaking.

Miss Kara’s Korner

  • Miss Kara shared Pie and Cake pick up Monday. 
  • School Photos go home today (Friday). 
  • Dentist in January, sign consent forms if you haven’t done so already. 
  • Parents have been volunteering inside the school, which is wonderful. They MUST remain in the room they’re volunteering in, can not wander school.


PTA Updates

  • Chess Program; Gaby Santiago is the instructor. High demand! K-1 on Tuesday has 25 kids, 2-5 on Thursday has 40 kids
  • Peter: Financial Update. (shared screen)
    • 12,300 from donations (~9,000 from parents)
    • 5300 from Fall Fest, ~3500 net
    • 3354.50 from Coin Fundraiser
    • Expenses: FallFest, Art Teacher, Merch, Chess (so far)
  • Winter Shop Update (Dec 12-15, volunteer sign up coming soon!)


  • C. asked: How to maintain momentum from parent donations? A: Educate them on what PTA does, ask them to donate time.
  • I. asked: Do you need parent volunteers for music? A: No thank you

Principal Scarlato joined the meeting, she was in another meeting, and let everyone know the district is preparing for remote learning if there is a weather emergency.