PTA Meeting Minutes

January PTA Meeting


January 13, 2023 / 9am ET (Virtual Meeting) 

There were ~20 participants.  Kenny welcomed all with an icebreaker about New Year’s Resolutions. Can you spend one hour volunteering this year?

A Word from Administration:

Principal Scarlato shared the following: 

  • Grades 3-5 Afterschool EIA begins following Feb. Break (also a Saturday option)
  • Cookshop has been fun! Running through May
  • K-2 Acadience assessment starts this week. It is city-wide, but the school takes note of results to tailor to each student’s needs
  • District 14 CEC elections coming up, all parents can participate
  • Put in for 50k to fund auditorium light and sound upgrade
  • City council is strongly opposing Mayor Adams’ proposal
  • Two 4th graders won AABE awards!
  • Next month, PreK, K, and 5th grade graduation dates announced

Mrs. Gallo reminded everyone to sign up for their Google Classroom

Guest Speakers:  Mr. Duggan shared with us that he is from Farmingdale, NY. He wants to create a positive association with fitness for all kids. Differentiation is key! Zeus Lara, a 5th grader, joined the call. He loves math! Sheila Eymond joined, she is a 5th grade parent who has dedicated lots of time to PS31 over the years.

Miss Kara’s Korner

  • Access and activate your NYCSA accounts!
  • Retake Day is Jan 20
  • Week of Jan 23 is the Dentist Visit
  • College and Career Readiness celebration on Jan 27 – Wear a “school spirit” shirt for a college, PS31, etc.
  • K Families: Access $100 savings for college
  • If change to afterschool pickup, PLEASE put in writing, let school and program know
  • School newspaper – goal is to have it out by last week in Feb. Ask Misha: Advice Column, email [email protected]


PTA Updates

  • Peter: Financial Update. (shared screen)
    • ~10k net income from Winter Shop
    • 108,000 projected expenses
    • Expenses: FallFest, Art Teacher, Merch, Chess (so far)
    • 9400 spent so far on Merch

Lauren Fernandes joined the call to promote our Spring Fundraiser. Brainstorm and info session next week! We need auction items, parents with experience at past Gala events, and any and all ideas!


Parent: What are the assessments, which grades? 

A: Acadience ELA K-2, iReady for Math, K-2