PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes 3/17

PTA General Meeting MINUTES March 17, 2023 8:30am- 9:30am

Our first in-person PTA Meeting all year! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kenny welcomed all at 8:35am, ~ 35 people attending 

Update from administration: Acknowledged the incident on the playground, all correct safety protocols were followed and everyone remained safe. Students were removed from the playground and entered back into the school out of an abundance of caution.

Review of prior meeting’s minutes; approved by all in attendance 

5th Graders Student Update – 5th Graders Kawil Jackson, Mischa Stein, Milo Nuqui report on P.S. 31 News. The newspaper is finished and circulating! There is an advice column, art, book recommendations, and more!

Community Updates – Kara Manber, Parent Coordinator

Treasurer Update – Peter Han, PTA Treasurer

  • Update on Fundraising – Year to Date Graph
  • We’ve raised about 50k this year, our goal is to hit 108,500

Update from Merchandise Leads – Francoise Olivas & Flavia Correa

  • Motion to spend $1000 for tie-dying surplus APPROVED
  • Merch sales have been successful thanks in large part to tie-dying the existing merch
  • HUGE Thanks to Tom at Starhawk for helping us dye all of the merch

Spring Fundraiser Update – Lauren Fernandes

  • We are collecting items for the auction and looking for volunteers
  • Please join the upcoming zoom and in-person meetings

Title 1 Parent Engagement Update – Stephanie Samperi-Gonzalez and Danielle Franco

  • Mario the Maker Magician was a huge success!
  • Upcoming: Looking into booking an info session for parents about raising sexually smart kids

School Updates – Katie Denny Horowitz, PTA Board Member

  • Chess Team Updates
  • Musical Update – May 18, 19th
  • Debate Tournament – May 20th
  • Nomination Committee Volunteer and Review of Responsibilities of PTA Board Members – Nomination committee created!
  • Audit Committee Scheduled for Friday, March 31st, 2023 8-9 AM.  Request for additional Volunteers.  Francoise Olivas & Flavia Correa existing volunteers. Additional volunteers found!

Parent Participation Opportunities – Kenneth Volandes

  • First Tuesday of the Month Board Meeting
  • Tuesday and Thursday – Coffee and Calls for the Auction
  • Budget Committee
  • Green Thumb Event

Parent – Q & A