PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes 4/26

April 26, 2023 / 8:30am ET (In-Person Meeting) 

There were ~20 participants.  Kenny welcomed all at 8:35am

A Word from Administration:

Vice Principal Gallo shared the following: 

  • Principal Scarlato is sick and cannot attend today
  • Virtual Safety Meeting tomorrow to discuss how to the school uses safety protocols
  • ParentSquare is the ONLY way to get emergency alert to parent community, PLEASE download and create account
  • NYS ELA finished; results end of August. Math is next Tues and Wed.
  • Steam SPLAT Lab in PreK
  • $910 raised from Soccer Game!
  • 2nd week of May: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Disney Musical May 18 + 19
  • Cyclones event Jun 8, 2023 (No school on Thursday and Friday that week!)

8:45am: Meeting Minutes from last month were approved by all

Miss Kara’s Korner

  • CEC Elections! Please vote using your NYC Schools account
  • Teacher Appreciation Week will be a “tour” with new things everyday. Please donate, sign up to help

80’s Party Update (Lauren Fernandez)

  • Need volunteers! Especially for kids party
  • Need water bottles and pizza donations
  • $8000 raised already from sponsors
  • $11,000 so far in ticket sales, auction, and raffle

8:56: Vote on Request for $1000 sound purchase

Approved by all

Treasurer Update

  • $108,000 goal, $58,000 raised so far
  • Recently through merch, chocolate sale, we received around $7k
  • Projected 48k spent so far
  • $120,000 in-hand

Enrichment Committee

  • Proposed to meet and decide what programs to spend PTA $ on

9:03am: New DOE Protocol

  • Bring proposed spending to general PTA meetings
  • $2000 eqip. For Mrs Puma and musical, APPROVED
  • $295 spent on roses for Musical, small fundraising opportunity 
  • Next Month: Discuss Library Needs

9:08am: Audit Committee

  • Clarity on receipts, excel spreadsheet, petty cash log
  • 310k was cut from PS31 budget by city last year, still waiting on budget for next year

9:12am: Nominating Committee

  • Print-out on tables with all positions and descriptions
  • Date for nominations coming soon, nomination form backpacked

9:22: Parent Q’s

  • Q: Are we using the keyboards? A: Miss O will hopefully be back next year and she might use them with the older kids in the music class