PTA Meeting Minutes

May 19th, 2023 PTA General Meeting / 8:30am ET 

There were ~24 participants.  Kenny welcomed all at 8:35am by having introductions of everyone in attendance

A Word from Administration:

Vice Principal Gallo shared the following: 

  • Principal Scarlato is back!
  • 80’s Party was a BLAST
  • Musical is going to be amazing and has been a huge effort by all involved
  • Chess Team won 19th place at Nationals
  • Some students attended a Steam Showcase (coding, pollination, etc.)
  • For next year’s enrichments we are really looking for certified teachers or subs, so keep an eye out
  • Cyclones game June 8th
  • InterReading ELA: Mandated, we already use it. Professional Development for Teachers on June 8th to keep perfecting
  • New Math curriculum next year
  • PreK: BIG changes, new curriculum and assessments 
  • iReady is a computer-based test from now on
  • Purchased MyPath, assessment and more
  • All 3,4,5th state tests on computer next year
  • June 8th, 9th, and 19th NO SCHOOL
  • Next Tuesday, 5/23, Parent Circle
  • Relationship skills: Lots of students struggle with this, especially 2nd and 3rd graders
  • DESSA Screener: Social/emotional competence. See need, need parents involved to help build these skills. Mrs. Romero, the school social worker, can help as well.

8:46am: Meeting Minutes from last month were approved by all

8:49am: Peter, Treasurer Report: Still need to cover some expenses, such as water filters, musical, 5th grade graduation, Parent Square. Hope to install a new water station on 3rd Floor for next year. Tax returns have been filed!

Miss Kara’s Korner (8:55)

  • REMINDER: Listening Circle Thursday at 8:20
  • “Box Out Bullying” assemblies, promoting kind words. Costs about $2000, maybe September?
  • May 25 at MS 126 Coffee with the Superintendent
  • May 24 Raising Sexually Smart Kids at 8:15
  • PreK and K Graduation Jun 21, 2023
  • 5th Grade Jun 23, 2023
  • TWO Tickets per kid, can request extra


Lauren/80’s Party (9:00am)

  • $53,000 raised!!
  • Raffle Winners will be contacted next week

Teacher Appreciation Week 

  • Giant Thank You to Kara and all parent volunteers!

Enrichment Committee (9:07)

  • Bring proposed spending to general PTA meetings
  • Please bring proposal ideas to the PTA by June 2nd
  • PTA and Class Parents met to discuss broadly
  • Music 2023-2024 Plans: Ms. O will be available two days per week. Each grade will be getting music for part of the year.

Parent Q’s

  • Q: DOE Budget?
    A: Dictated by line items, we won’t learn our school budget until late June most likely
  • Q: Will class sizes change?
    A: Class sizes are staying the same despite Hochul’s new law. PS31 Administration must have the budget information before fully planning
  • Q: What is the PTA Budget?
    A: ~$100,000 for 2022-2023, 2023-2024 is projected to be 100k-125k but that all depends on what is raised
  • Q: How is Title 1 determined? Student body or who is zoned?
    A: Funding is based on CURRENT students, not who us zoned. The past few years PS31 has seen a changing mixture of socioeconomic backgrounds, but we are not in danger of losing Title 1 next year

Nomination Committee – Brette Speaking (9:32am)

  • Election is in TWO WEEKS! Currently 2 nominations for Board Member, 1 for each other position
  • Must vote in-person on June 2nd
  • Deadline to nominate is May 26, 2023

Possible PS31 Stoop Sale on June 17!