PTA Executive Board

PTA Executive Board Duties and Contact Information

President: Kenny Volandes
Signs all checks, pays bills.
Works with heads of enrichment programs and signs contracts.
Both officers officially sit on the SLT (School Leadership Team).
Sits on Presidents’ Council or sends an official representative (1 voting member).
Attends CEC (Community Education Council) Meetings.
Speaks at Teacher Appreciation Day and the 5th grade graduation.
Organizes and follows up with committees.
Leads board and general meetings, helps determine agenda.
Obtains money from the community for the PTA.
Works closely with Gala Chair.

Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]

Treasurer: Peter Han
Creates a budget for the year, with board input; distributes to the general membership.
Requests and collects dues, follows up, keeps records.
Writes a mid-year and end-of-year budget.
Keeps up the bank account and PayPal.
Writes mini reports after each event fundraiser, non-event fundraiser, and envelope fundraiser.
Uses the Waves app to keep finances updated for the board.
Oversees the annual audit by the committee chosen from the general community.

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Shannon Ritchey
Takes notes at board and general meetings.
Oversees the committee that keeps up the website and social media accounts.
Collects all parent information and creates a school/class list at the beginning of the year.
Oversees the Class Parent Coordinator’s effort to secure a class parent for each classroom.
Works with Class Parent coordinator to notify and support class parents throughout the year.
Sends PTA newsletters via Mailchimp.
Writes notices to be backpacked (reminders for meetings, events).

Contact: [email protected]

Board Member Position: Katie Denny Horowitz
Be a fifth voice for the students, providing a helping hand with all of the tasks we all do throughout the year. This position will develop with the personality and choices of the member who currently holds it. They will attend all Board meetings, be at PTA meetings, make decisions alongside the other board members, and be cc-ed in all emails with the other members of the board. The difference about this position is that it’s not as proscribed and can be a combination of what needs being done and what they are interested in spearheading.

All positions:
Determine enrichment programs in collaboration with administration.
Attend meetings with the administration.
Are liaisons between parents and the administration.
Determine fundraising needs for budget.
Help run Fall Festival, Gala, and other events.
Schedule Fifth Grade Field Trip in collaboration with administration.
Book and organize Teacher Appreciation Day lunch and gifts.
Fundraising for and implementation of School Production.
Run fundraisers.
Keep up Gmail account—email and calendar.